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Devon Christian "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb

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6/23/29 11:23 pm - [OOC] 4th Wall

This post is for non-polychromatic play. Hit me with dropped characters, unplayed characters, current characters that are ooc, or even your personal journal! Anything goes! Just put "4th Wall" in the subject so that I don't get confused. (I know the email notifications give what entry you're replying to, but I can be stupid. Best not to take chances.)

5/26/11 09:58 pm - {Contact}

[3|TEXT] [4|VIDEO] [5|EMAIL]

7/2/09 08:11 pm - six jogs with my one true love

[Filtered to the Deities :: Failed Due to Curse]

Uh, wow, this is tough. I don't exactly know how this is supposed to work, but... I wanna make a deal.

[ooc: Open for 4th Wall Day trolling!]

6/27/09 05:10 pm - five thrilling bungee jumps

Dude, I didn't hear anything on the Network about a game going on! What's it called and how do I get in on it? It looks awesome.

6/12/09 03:45 pm - four snowboarding trips

[Filtered to Chuck :: Viewable by Morgan]

Chuck, bro, we need to talk. Stat.

[Filtered to Ellie]

Babe, we need to talk.

[Filtered from Ellie]

What's the most romantic spot in town? You know, where a dude could take a girl to show her a good time. Get the engines revving, if you know what I'm saying.

6/4/09 10:48 pm - three marathons run

[more or less accidental video]

[Devon sits on the roof of his building, drinking a beer and fiddling idly with his Network device. He switches on the video feed without realizing it. There are some irritating beeping noises as he keeps playing with the device, and then eventually he puts it aside. It continues recording him as he takes another swig of his beer and stares up at the stars.

His eyes widen with wonder as he watches the meteor shower.]


[Another sip as he sits there, thinking.]

I've never really been into that superstitious stuff, so...I don't really know what I'm doin'. [A sip for courage.] But if you could get Ellie here...that'd be awesome.

[He sighs heavily and leans back in his seat.]

[ooc: Action for anyone who wants to visit; voice for everybody else.]

5/27/09 10:45 pm - two mountain-climbing expeditions

Right, so, still trying to get the hang of this place. And this device. I never really got into that whole online culture thing, but that seems to be where it's at here.

Anybody know a good place for bungee jumping?

[Voice] [Failed Filters to Morgan, Chuck, & Molly]
Morgan, bro, you know I'm down with self-confidence and loving your body. And I totally get that I'm the one crashing at your place. But dude, could you put some pants on in the morning? Your low-hanging fruit is not part of a nutritionally balanced breakfast.

Chuck my man, mind giving me a hand with the job hunt thing? Should I have a resume? Will they even know the hospitals I've worked at? What about references? Too many questions, bro. I could really use some help.

How you doing, Molly? You holding up okay?

5/19/09 09:58 am - one skydiving adventure

Uh, right. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is not L.A.

I'm not exactly sure how I got to wherever here is, but could somebody tell me how to get back? I've got an important night planned with my girl, if you know what I'm saying, and I can't afford to be late. 'Cause that would not be awesome. At all.

5/19/09 09:41 am - {About Awesome}

AppCollapse )

5/19/09 09:40 am - {Crit}

Questions or comments about how I play Captain Awesome? Want to plot hilarity and shenanigans? You can always hit me up at talibusorabat (aim) or by email at oreohime @ gmail.com.

Or post here! Comments screened. =)
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